Dire pandemic news persists but this time around there's just a bit more skepticism or at least a realization that permanent lock down is impossible amid a faltering economy.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons to doubt the fate of the new airport and pandemic probs aren't the biggest concern.

Nevertheless . . . 

There's no denying that COVID has fundamentally changed the airline industry and the impact will be long lasting. So far there's nothing but happy news about New KCI but the upcoming debut will be in a world that has been completely transformed by plauge.

A quote from a lesser blog about the latest . . .

American Airlines eliminated 48 flights at the Kansas City International Airport this month, Kansas City Business Journal reported.

This round of cuts comes after American Airlines canceled 77,000 flights from its 2022 roster in November. The ongoing cuts are largely due to the omicron-fueled COVID surge, which has negatively impacted workers and travel.

Despite these cuts, American is offering 200 more flights in March from KCI than it did at this time last year.

“Even with these schedule adjustments, American continues to offer the most departures in the month of March among the major U.S. carriers,” American Airlines representative Brian Methan told the Business Journal.

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Airline bosses call for end to Covid travel restrictions in letter to Government

The chief executives of the UK's largest airlines have written to the Government to demand an end to coronavirus-related travel restrictions. In the letter, they ask that restriction-free travel is restored "at the very least" for those who are fully vaccinated.

The US has suspended 44 China-bound flights by Chinese airlines in a spat over COVID-19 rules

The US DOT has suspended 44 March flights operated by Chinese airlines from LAX and JFK. The announcement came after China suspended 44 flights operated by American, Delta, and United. Chinese authorities said it was because some travelers had tested positive after flying the routes.

Airlines to supermarkets: Living with Covid is tough in gridlocked economy

Read more about Airlines to supermarkets: Living with Covid is tough in gridlocked economy on Business Standard. The surging omicron variant is complicating the recovery for a world economy that continues to be wracked by supply chain chaos, worker absenteeism and faltering assembly lines

First, COVID sick calls, now 5G rollout: Travelers face more flight cancellations

Airlines for weeks have warned of looming travel trouble due to Wednesday's 5G network rollout, predicting flight chaos in the US and the stranding of Americans overseas as planes were grounded over safety concerns. The industry got a reprieve on Tuesday when AT&T and Verizon agreed to delay the rollout of 5G within two miles of airports.

Airlines 'pay price' over COVID surge with 15-20% drop

By NEIL HARTNELL Tribune Business Editor Bahamian domestic airlines have "paid the price" for the recent Omicron-led COVID case surge with a 15-20 percent drop in passenger numbers, an industry executive has revealed.

UK to lift travel test requirements for the vaccinated

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says his government will remove coronavirus testing requirements for vaccinated people arriving in England LONDON -- The British government announced Monday that it is scrapping coronavirus travel testing requirements for the vaccinated, news hailed by the travel industry as a big step back to normality.

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