BikeWalkKC Passes The Buck On Street Maintenance

Amateur urban planners aren't into the deets of their designs for Kansas City streets. 

As usual, mundane operations like picking up trash are cast aside for the plebs whilst d-bag council dudes like Eric Bunch are thinking about "the big picture" and which pair of two dozen identical khaki pants to choose from in his luxurious walk-in closet.  

Seriously . . . This scumbag has broken EVERY promise he has ever made to voters who don't comprise his BIKER BRO CREW and he might be the worst activist politico at 12th & Oak. 

His word is garbage and to sacrifice something that important for a rinky-dink cowtown council job betrays what could be a horrific character flaw . . . Or, at the very least, a grown man who watches "This Is Us" of his own accord.

But I digress . . .

Special thanks to our KICK-ASS BLOG COMMUNITY for sending this note that points out a glaring omission from bike lane advocates . . .


Apparently, deets on cleaning up this newish hipster crusade aren't even included in the Kansas City "Bike Master Plan" that threatens to cost MILLIONS without a public vote. 

This is an important consideration because the current street sweepers are too big to get into these narrow passages . . . And, even worse, our AWESOME readers notice that cycling advocates are passing along the responsibility for their handiwork whilst these paths grow more cluttered.  

And all of this might be a reason why MANY OF OUR 3RD DISTRICT FRIENDS don't want more bike lanes in their community.

Here's the word . . .

Bike/Walk KC admits they aren't gonna be responsible for cleaning up the dedicated bike lanes they advocate - "call city hall"

Bike Walk KC ain't gonna be around to pay for the clean up of the bike lanes that they clamor for!

The money quote . . .

'The protected bike lanes in the Kansas City area are still very new. Local governments are trying out different maintenance and cleaning strategies to determine what is effective and affordable.

'You can help local governments by reporting problems. The more reports they get, the better data they will have for creating maintenance plans. In KCMO you can send reports to the 3-1-1 Action Center . . .'

LOL they try to spin their buck-passing as "you can help local governments by reporting problems."  Plus the generally desperate sounding and responsibility-passing tenor of the bizarre face-saving, public-input-ignoring announcement.

Read more via news link . . .

All about Protected Bike Lanes

A protected bike lane (PBL) is a bicycle facility that provides the experience of a separated path or trail on existing city streets. It is physically separated from motor vehicle traffic and from the sidewalk. A two-way protected bike lane is often called a "cycletrack".