At Least Kansas City Royals FAIL 2022 Will Be Well Written

The Royals will suck the new year . . . Even worse, they're demanding an EPIC new stadium from taxpayers in return for one season of moneyball luck.

Optimists will tout early season wins and the promise of a new day . . . Even better, this time around the Kansas City Royals will have the talents of Sam Mellinger to trumped their early season good fortune.  

The rest of us know how this thing ends.

As always, we offer a peek at the bright side via news link . . .

4 key New Year's Resolutions for the 2022 KC Royals

This writer isn't in charge of the KC Royals, although there are times I'd like to have been (the 1985, 2014 and 2015 seasons come immediately to mind), and times to come when I'd love to be calling the shots at Kauffman Stadium.