Wrath Rather Than Lust Powers Kansas City 'Sinful' Ranking

A silly mainstream media report offers a gauge of this town's transgressions.

Just as our TKC blog community suspect . . . Lust is far too low on the list.

Compared to bigger & better cities, this cowtown is almost chaste.

Here's the "science" and something a very spiteful intern probably typed up . . .

Sinfulness of Kansas City (1=Most Sinful; 91=Avg.):

    5th – Anger & Hatred
    16th – Jealousy
    59th – Excesses & Vices
    117th – Lust
    50th – Vanity
    67th – Laziness

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Kansas City ranked among top 25 most 'Sinful Cities' in America in new report

by: Becky Willeke Posted: / Updated: ST. LOUIS - St. Louis is being called one of the most "Sinful Cities" in America, according to a new report by personal-finance site WalletHub. The report found St. Louis was the 2nd most "Sinful City" right behind Las Vegas which claimed the top spot.