Will COVID Politics Worsen Midterm Red Wave For Missouri???

We notice local media and our progressive pals pulling out a slew of tricks we've seen before as the "dark winter" looms along with campaign season.

Accordingly, here's a peek at Missouri pushing back against COVID rules by way of some decidedly right wing talking points . . .

The Cass County Commission passed a resolution Friday which ended the enforcement of COVID-19 related measures and limited the authority of the county’s public health director. 

The resolution comes at a time when a growing number of health departments across Missouri are ending their COVID-19 response after Attorney General Eric Schmitt demanded the agencies comply with a court ruling that appears to severely limit the authority of local health officials. 

In the resolution, the Cass County Commission said it “believes in the importance of individual freedom” and that “no resident should be forced to quarantine or isolate” due to COVID-19.

Of course the plebs can only see this at face value and don't bother to dig deeper. 

There's no shortage of low IQ people to espouse talking points from either side. 

Here at TKC we're better than that . . .

Our conversation should be focused on strategy. 

Accordingly . . . 

Pushing outcry over COVID response and basically calling their GOP opponents pandemic murderers last time around didn't get Missouri Democrats anywhere. Again, let's not forget, the super minority party suffered a TOTAL STATEWIDE SWEEP despite Prez Trump's loss.  Nevertheless, progressives are repeating the same strategy over again and expecting a different result. 

Some people might call the COVID DOUBLE DOWN just a bit of political insanity. 

Meanwhile, here at TKC we're not a fan of any political gambit that hinges on worsening suffering of our neighbors, the spread of plauge or predictable ideas & outcomes. 

You decide . . .