We wanted to make sure we offered this special comment from a KICK-ASS TKC READER a morning FEATURE because it not only offers an alternative opinion but also shares important facts related to Missouri legislation.

We highlighted some important relevant quotes that apply to life in the time of COVID and otherwise offers an vital glimpse at how locals regard the former KCMO paper of record. 

With a #TBT tribute to hottie Gemma and her newsworthy glance, Here's the word . . .


If masks worked, or for that matter the vaccine, we’d not be facing the Omicron Variant. But this isn’t another article about ineffectual actions taken by our Federal Government or our own feckless leaders.

This is about something that has fallen farther than Joe or Kamala.

I am talking about the Kansas City Star.  A newspaper that boasts luminaries like Earnest Hemmingway, Wilson Hicks, Eugene C. Pulliam, and Bill Vaughan. The Star can even brag about employing former President Theodore Roosevelt.

It pains me that our daily, once considered one of that nation’s finest papers, now competes with space at the bottom of bird cages even before it’s read.

I am not anti-paper. I adore rising early and unfolding a real newspaper.

The key in that word is NEWS.

Now don’t blame the internet. There are excellent printed material that still sell quite nicely (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, to name a few).

And please don’t blame “this generation”. Whatever we’re calling them now, they get enough abuse without us laying the falling Star at their feet.

The simple reason is that the Star produces NO REAL NEWS.

For some reason, the Star only considers sports to be newsworthy. Even that is almost entirely limited to baseball or football. The thing is, anyone that really cares, already knows the results and, even more likely, watched the sporting event live.

People want real news. In the past, that was called reporting.

Now every would-be reporter calls himself a “Journalist” and they decide, through years of indoctrination, what the reader should want, not what they actually want.

Case in point: Perhaps the biggest news not to be reported is that the Kansas City Public Schools, along with all other schools in the state, MUST reject mandatory mask mandates if it is to access the State’s credit enhancement program.

This program, called the “Missouri Direct Deposit Program” gives even the worst creditworthy schools a double-A bond rating. The double-A drives interest rates down, and, along with the lower interest rate the citizens get lower taxes.

Hmm. Lower taxes. You’d think some “journalist” at the Star would consider this an important newsworthy event to its readers.

Heck, there’s even a couple of potential villains in this non-reported story.

This should be headline grabbing real-news and critically important to anyone that pays taxes in our City.  

Yet our newspaper has failed to report that Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzgerald told school districts that if they enforced mask mandates, quarantine orders, or other unconstitutional health orders (as deemed by Cole County Circuit Court), they’d be cut off from that Direct Deposit Program mentioned above.

Have you seen a peep from the Star? Of course not.

Are they even aware of the threatening letters sent by Fitzgerald on December 7th to school districts across the state?  Unlikely.

Or, how about today’s news-less paper. We’re treated to a front page (multi-page) story about a remarkable man who started Habitaciones Para Latinos Association helping homeowners in Kansas City Kansas that can’t afford to repair their homes.

Buried pages deep in the same newspaper is the story of an 85-year-old grandmother killed, and husband wounded, while watching TV Christmas Eve in KCK.

Which story is more important? Crime is out of control in our city or the Good Samaritan. Both are worthy front-page coverage, but only one is news you could use.

Sadly for The Star, the jig is up. For a very long time, readers have easily found numerous other sources for news.

And where does one go to get any local news? You’ll not see it from any of the talking heads on any of our TV channels either, or at least not until it’s reported here in Tony’s KC first.

You see, the reason we have a dead-Star is because they provide nothing the majority of their potential customers want. Real news.

Not liberal news force fed to us as if we’re not smart enough to understand how benevolent the Star is for gracing us with their opinions. And not the conservative stuff either, being only slightly better at misdirecting us away from the things that matter.

Readers just want news.

In Kansas City, the only place to find real news, along with a great deal of entertainment, is Tony’s Kansas City.


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