Taste Inflation Pain & Celebrate Kansas City Real Estate Pr0n

Now more than ever, real estate pr0n satiates the plebs.

In much the same way that we were never going to enjoy hottie Jordan bringing freshly baked cookies down to our basement; the best houses in Kansas City are beyond the budget of most locals waiting on the fading middle-class denizens who are, in turn, mindlessly running up their own credit card debt misery.

Nevertheless, it's nice to pretend . . .

"Noble mixed modern and classic furniture, textiles, and art for an unexpected contrast, creating a layered look. It’s a timeless style, appearing to have been curated over the years. The result tells a story, reflecting the home’s history yet at the same time looking to the future."

Translation . . .

You can't afford it and didn't pay enough attention in college to appreciate it.

Still it's worth seeing how your betters live . . . Call it window shopping for the collapse of society.

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A 90-year-old house next to Loose Park is transformed into an eclectic, modern family space

When Gina and Jeff Stingley walked into their future Sunset Hills home for the first time, the dark wood, painted faux stone walls and antler chandeliers were a bit overwhelming. "I think you really needed to have an eye for design to see this house's potential," Gina says.