Super Dave Shares INSIDE SCOOP On Kansas City Santa Game Amid COVID!!!

Dave is a friend of the blog and one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITES.

Some don't know that he's also a really nice guy who works and VOLUNTEERS as Santa for the holidays. 

We asked him about the holiday situation given so much news about the resurgence of the pandemic. 

His insights are important from the ground level . . . 

For older Santas it has become much harder. In a COVID world being a Santa is risky to say the least even if you have had all the jabs. You're around and very up close and personal with people you have no prior knowledge of . . .

Seriously three years ago I had a smaller kid flopped in my lap with a fully loaded diaper. Too many parents are idiots anymore and they are who I don't trust the most.

Last year 2020 all my scheduled sets were canceled.

This year 2021 less than half have returned.

I've noticed here in the lower section of the golden ghetto a lot more wearing masks than say a couple of weeks ago.

The magic seems to be gone. The excitement of seeing Santa just isn't as prominent in the kids' faces as it once was.

Been a crazy year for sure as I hope and pray that it all gets better but we the people need to get better as a whole to make that happen.

A very special thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS to Dave for sharing his insight. 

Santa is really nice tradition for a lot of people and the pix last a lifetime . . . Like everything else, it seems to be more challenging and we thank Dave for his consistent good cheer and community concern.

Developing . . .