We really hope our TKC blog community is having a great holiday season given that AOC seyz we have less than a dozen Christmases until doomsday.

And so . . . If they sky is falling then we might as well enjoy balmy temperatures for this magical time of year.

Accordingly, we quote a lesser blog on the topic of a dubious achievement for KCMO today . . .

"Kansas City broke the record for the warmest Christmas Eve ever as the temperature at Kansas City International Airport hit 68 degrees just after noon, according to the National Weather Service. The previous record of 66 degrees had stood since 1955."

It was rather warm but still noticed quite a few locals in the Christmas spirit.

Neverthess . . . We share relevant links on the topic and encourage locals to consider "the science" beyond talking points from politicos and partisan slap fights. 

Fact is . . . It's surprising how many actually do have a concern about the environment that doesn't involve stripping away freedom of movement from Americans.

Read more via news links . . .

Keep dreaming of a white Christmas: A majority of the US won't see snow this year

The US' fascination with a white Christmas dates back at least to 1942, when Bing Crosby crooned the wistful song in the film "Holiday Inn." Fewer white Christmases seems associated with warmer temperatures from climate change. Only about 28% of the US, excluding Alaska, had snow as of Dec. 21.

How the climate crisis is killing Christmas this year

Oregon sells the most Christmas trees out of any state in the U.S., but it's fallen victim to climate change, which is seriously hindering the ability of farmers to grow trees and meet demand during the holiday season. Over the summer, the Pacific Northwest experienced record-breaking heat waves with temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Britain may never see a 'Dickensian' White Christmas again

Rising temperatures may mark the end of plentiful blankets of snow at Christmas Met Office told MailOnline it expects snow to occur 'with decreasing frequency' Greenhouse gas emissions have brought higher average temperatures over land This is preventing tiny ice crystals from forming in clouds before falling as snow Bing Crosby famously dreamt of a White Christmas, but Britain may never see a proper snowy scene on December 25 again, according to experts.

Tweaks to U.S. Christmas Trees Could Help Them Survive Climate Change

Mounting pressure from extreme weather events and lethal diseases-both exacerbated by climate change-threatens to assail U.S. Christmas tree-growing regions and slash production. To help defend these cherished trees and the farms that raise them, researchers are mapping conifer genomes and exploiting the natural characteristics of species that grow outside the U.S.

I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas

It's the most tropical time of the year? Perhaps not for you. But for the half of the globe who celebrate Christmas during their summer, and for the good portion of the Northern Hemisphere that rarely gets cold, the idea of a white Christmas is about as fanciful as the chance of a workshop of elves suddenly fixing this holiday season's supply chain problem.

Developing . . .