Dave Helling Describes Kansas City 'Civil War' Amid Redistricting Fight

I was gonna get mad about a recent political conversation about KCMO redistricting and then I quickly realized that less than two dozen people watched it.

This afternoon irresponsible legacy media pundits spoke of a "civil war" betwixt the Northland and the rest of Kansas City.

Only stupid people would buy into this kind of analysis that's worse than any kind of Internets clickbait we've ever seen from Russian troll bots. 

Here's the problem with the "civil war analogy" and talk of the revolt across the river . . .


The Northland is getting beat up, disenfranchised and smacked around because their voter turnout is so abysmally low. In most municipal elections they barely turn in single-digits amongst registered voters. 

And so . . . We're watching the newspaper desperate to sell a political reality that doesn't exist. 

Yes, there is a very real division betwixt the Northland and the rest of KCMO. De-annexation is an increasingly likely possibility . . .

But we're a long way from "civil war" . . . Especially when Jeff City politicos will be very receptive to complaints from suburban constituents. 

Take a look at the circle of jerks via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

What a year in the region: COVID-19, police reform, even a north-south KC civil war

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You decide . . .