Show-Me COVID Trolling Insight From The Turner Report

Late night consideration on the topic of Internets comments deserves attention . . .

Context . . .

TKC has fewer comments nowadays but I feel like the better ones stand out even more and I'm really liking some of the regulars sharing their unique viewpoint. 

The Truth, The Realist, Don't Play, Radish, Jack-a-lope, Liam, Conservative Guy In Kansas, 11Sunflower and a few others are really standing out with some great insights. And as always we love old school friends of the blog like Greedo, 3rd, Nortlander and our pal Super Dave. THANK YOU!!!

For now we're sticking with Disqus for the moment but our long range goals include moving to an even more selective format where we can really encourage the alternative discourse and direct more attention to voices that don't often make it the mainstream.

However, online commentary is a tough call for other bloggers. 

Accordingly, we take note of The Turner Report taking on the topic.

Here's an important part of his recent post and maybe a peek at online publisher frustration amid the ongoing pandemic . . .

I no longer intend to allow people to use gross insults to people who care enough to protect others, as well as themselves.

If you want to leave that kind of comment, please take it to KZRG's Facebook page where it will be welcomed with open arms and liked by dozens of people who will be impressed with your wit.

If you want to read that brand of commentary and COVID misinformation, you will have to go somewhere else. It is not going to be permitted in the Turner Report comment section.

Here at TKC . . . The "trusted users" can usually get away with more and, real talk, playing hall monitor isn't my bag. When I moderate public comments, I mostly just scan for the most heinous kind of stuff and let anything even remotely political slide. There are errors, there always will be . . . 

But we're quickly moving toward a world wherein Internets comments will be more tightly regulated and it's worth considering the publisher perspective amid upcoming changes.

Read more via news link . . .

My rant on trolling comments and other nonsense I won't allow on the Turner Report

In an ideal world, I would be able to allow everyone to have their say in the comment section on the Turner Report and on my Facebook page and the Inside Joplin Facebook page. As you are well aware, this is not an ideal world.

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You decide . . .