Rock Chalk Standards Dropped

Today's life lesson offers a sign of the times, a hint at worsening college enrollment and unintended consequences of the current cultural shift. 

Moreover, we notice that quite a few young people are suddenly struck with the realization that most many people can make a living without a college degree that was never going to help them jump to the ranks of the upper-middle-class anyhoo. 

And a strong sense of self-determination will be important to a generation of people blogging or attempting to influence (lulz) from their mom's basement in the not so distant future.

Anyhoo, here's the good news regarding more meaningless numbers and why KU is dropping the ACT:

“This was driven by the pandemic, but I think people were figuring out quickly that these tests were creating barriers,” KU Chancellor Douglas Girod told Regents.

KU was the only remaining Regents university that did not allow admission without a standardized test.

Also, I'm pretty sure standardized testing is racist . . . Don't argue too hard about that point of fact given that so many white, middle-class suburbanite scholars are habitually outscored by their counterparts from the Far East . . . Just a bit past Independence, MO. 

But I digress . . .

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University of Kansas to allow admissions without ACT tests - KOAM

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Students have a new way to get into the University of Kansas without taking the ACT or SAT standardized tests. The Kansas Board of Regents approved new admission standards on Wednesday. The board unanimously voted to allow admission of students with a 3.25 or higher high school GPA.