Redux: 'Stop The Chop' Activists Fight Kansas City Chiefs Legacy Of Racism

Once again, we note the inevitable . . . 

It's inevitable that the Kansas City Chiefs will change their name; call it the "the arc of the moral universe" or just a good marketing decision.

Until then, here's a nice passage about local history in a worthwhile report about local Native American protest . . .

The Chiefs also note in their statement that the origin of the team’s name “has no affiliation with American Indian culture.” The team was named after H. Roe Bartle, mayor of Kansas City in the 1960s—he got the nickname “Chief” due to his association with the Boy Scouts of America and his creation of a fake Native American tribe called the Mic-O-Say, itself under intense scrutiny.

When people tell LeValdo that the team is not named after Native Americans, she asks them what they are named after: “If they’re named for police chiefs, then dress like policemen. If they are named for fire chiefs, then dress like firemen.”

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Why Native American activists have ramped up protests outside Chiefs games

Rhonda LeValdo travels from Lawrence to Kansas City for every Chiefs home game, but she's never actually been inside Arrowhead Stadium. Instead, she stands by a bus stop at the corner of Red Coat Lane and Blue Ridge Cutoff. Her team is a group of Native Americans.