Recovery?!? Kansas City Burning Taxpayer Cash For Developers Again!!!

We're filing this post if only to notice that so much tough anti-development talk against schools has been turned upside down. 

Now . . . 

Don't get it twisted. After the pandemic this town NEEDS to invest in creating a economic growth.

Sadly, most of our local elected leaders don't know a thing about the business world and they're taking for a ride by lobbyists & developers on the reg.

Here's a glimpse at how this deal doesn't really make sense and won't bring any news jobs to this cowtown . . .

"Kansas City Council approved a $7.5 million tax break for the local company, which is moving less than a mile away, despite opposition from neighbors and the public school system."

Read more via news link . . .

Kansas City gives $7.5 million tax break to Fidelity Security Life for new offices on prime real estate

A proposed office tower on one of Kansas City's most attractive pieces of empty land will get tax breaks from both the city and the state of Missouri - despite objections from neighbors and tax-funded organizations. Fidelity Security Life Insurance, a Kansas City-based company, asked for the tax break to move less than a mile from its current location at 3130 Broadway.