Plebs Play Doctor: Ivermectin Sparks Olathe Hospital Legal Fight

Politics and social media content lead to hospital drama.

Here's the background . . .

"SHE brought ivermectin to Olathe Medical Center and attempted to give it to her son, but hospital staff intervened, according to the petition for emergency order, which claims his condition has worsened since he was admitted."

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Mother of COVID-19 patient in Olathe sues to compel ivermectin treatment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The mother of a 41-year-old man currently sedated for treatment of COVID-19 has sued Olathe Medical Center in hopes of forcing the hospital to give her son ivermectin. Sherri Belden filed a petition for an emergency order in Johnson County District Court, hoping to force Olathe Medical Center to treat her son, Deke, with the anti-parasitic drug.