Northeast Kansas City Fights Absentee Landlords & Homeless Camps

The Kansas City homeless crisis is soon to get even worse as the weather grows colder.

Here's a glimpse at working-class neighborhood discontent with the status quo . . .

Makeshift cars, tarps and tents could be seen near Benton Boulevard off of the highway, something Gant says he’s opened multiple cases with the city about.

“It just seems like no matter how much you call, how many cases you bring up with the city, nothing changes,” he said.

Thankfully, here's a bit of progress . . .

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Homeless camps on Historic Northeast private property issued fines, owners out of state

Some in the Historic Northeast report a growing homeless camp on an abandoned private lot. Multiple complaints have been filed and a fine has been issued, but the owner lives out of state, leaving homeowners to question what happens next.