Corrupt New KCI Celebrates Wireless Charging

Most of the news that Kansas City endures regarding the airport is nothing but hype.

For instance, recently PR hacks are talking up wireless charging for a bus fleet that might or might not save the planet.

Here's the money line . . .

"We are designing and building a modern New Terminal and we want to make sure that its support infrastructure does not detract from the design," said Fleet Manager Kenneth Williams. "Inductive charging was not only an efficient solution in terms of monetary outlay and ongoing costs but was the only system we found that can deliver energy without the traditional plug-in infrastructure."

Meanwhile . . .

Insiders warn of an investigation into sketchy contracts and a concession deal that has angered top ranking law firms and local restaurants.

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Kansas City International Airport Installs Wireless Chargers by Momentum Dynamics, becoming First Airport with Wireless Charging for its Electric Bus Fleet

The Aviation Department will use this technology to extend the range of its electric buses without installing an obtrusive, above-ground charging infrastructure or taking buses out of service for charging. Pennsylvania-based Momentum Dynamics will provide the charging solution, which will be in place to charge buses when the New Terminal opens in early 2023.