Missouri Republicans Question: Have You Abandoned Prez Trump???

Thanks to a KICK-ASS TKC READERS we're getting a glimpse behind the sordid curtain of Missouri Republican fundraising.

I never get these kind of e-mails because they seem to know I'm out of cash. 

However, here's a worthwhile explanation . . .

An end-of-quarter fundraising letter from the Missouri Republican Party takes the creative angle "Are you a DEMOCRAT now?!?" To quote the French, probably incorrectly, "J'Accuse!"

 Take a peek . . .

Again, as always, we want to remind readers that our constant editorial stance regards partisan politics as a losing game for suckers.

This time around, we simply offer a peek at Missouri Republicans desperate to get locals to put their money where their mouth is amid time of plague and worsening American discord.

You decide . . .