Maybe Mahomes Is Better Than We Thought?!?

We start the morning on a somewhat upbeat note with a worthwhile quote that makes us think just a bit better about Kansas City's favorite super star baller.

Here's a quick take about the big money QB taking a great deal of responsibility when everyone else is willing to let him slide . . .

But in typical fashion, Mahomes just isn’t having that explanation. Like Missouri’s favorite son, Harry S. Truman, he says the buck stops with him.

“Those guys are always catching footballs — before and after practice, during practice — but I think for me, as a quarterback, I’ve got to throw the ball in better places,” he insisted during his turn at the podium on Wednesday. “Some of those drops are because the ball is not in the right place. So if I can get the ball in a better place where it’s more catchable — especially when they’re in traffic — it’ll probably cut down on those numbers. It has as much to do with me as it does with them.”

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Patrick Mahomes takes full responsibility for offensive struggles

As you would expect for any team that began the season 3-4 - and has now won five consecutive games to put themselves back into the thick of the AFC's postseason race - a lot of ink (or electrons, as we would say here on the Interwebs) is being devoted to the unusual way the Kansas City Chiefs have recently been taking care of their business: by depending on the team's defense to win games.