Home Improvement: Leawood Good Life Reminds You That You're A Loser

In this post we check another bit of weekend real estate pr0n which should remind me you of so many horrible decisions, missed opportunities and management booty left shamefully un-smootched.

To be fair, smarter local denizens will realize that even a gilded cage is still a cage.

Accordingly here's a bit of description about this bit of architectural goodness . . .

"While the forty-four hundred-square-foot home was functional, it was a “hodgepodge” of furniture collected over the years and set against a dated background. They wanted something that was more pulled together and truly felt like a retreat—something that reflected who they are as a family."

And here I was feeling like I was making some progress in my life because I managed to buy an alarm clock without any help.

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Kobel & Co. revamps a Leawood home from the late eighties while drawing inspiration from Charleston and Santa Barbara

The design duo at Kobel & Co. starts a new project by asking lots of questions. "We spend time up front," says Elizabeth Bennett, who co-owns the firm with Mallory Robins. Before grabbing samples, sourcing furniture or developing a strategy, Bennett and Robins want to really understand how their clients live-and how they want to live.