Latest Kansas City Police Budget Slap Fight Starts With More 'Defund' Drama

More than anything our friends in the progressive media seemingly want to stop an effective rhetorical tactic used to criticize Mayor Q and his colleagues on council.

Here's the way a recent report starts . . . 

"Contrary to the police union president’s claim that Kansas City is “defunding the police,” the city is poised to hire new officers and raise salaries."

That line is clever but forgets that KCMO has been making the same promise since about 1968

Moreover . . . 

Voters might also remember a slush fund proposed by Mayor Q and most of the council which attempted to create a slush fund for "community outreach" and all manner of payoffs payouts.

Still, here's the progress so far and cash that might or might not be spent on more surveillance tech to make sure that nobody's saying anything stupid on social media . . .

Overall, the city appears poised to spend $243.4 million on the police department, but the total budget is $285.5 million for fiscal year 2022-23, an increase of 11 percent, according to police documents. The total includes the city's portion and state and federal grants.

Smith, board commissioners and city council members said their first concern is bringing up staffing levels in the department, which is currently down some 200 officers. The staffing deficit is due to retirements, small academy classes and, according to Smith, poor pay and high stress.

The department currently has 1,191 sworn officers, 510 civilians and 26 officer candidates. Lucas and others want the department staffed up to 1,412 officers.

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Kansas City Police will be fully funded next year - but legal settlements may cost millions more

Despite paying out $5.9 million in legal settlements last year - and with several potentially large claims still pending - the Kansas City Police Department has budgeted just $2.4 million for settlements this fiscal year.