KCK FD Injury Report: Faulty Equipment & No Seat Belt

This postscript for a tragic incident offers an important insight into old & busted working conditions that have garnered longstanding complaints to politicos and were a big part of a recent political switcheroo.

Here's the most important part of the description . . .

The report indicates the fire truck was sitting at a red light before turning, so the truck could not have been moving very fast when the door came open.

The investigator who arrived at the scene noted that the passenger seat belt was hanging loosely along a "B-Pillar" in the truck, and that the webbing on the belt was worn in one spot. The worn spot matched up to a post that comes out from the wall of the B-Pillar where the door's locking mechanism would latch to keep the door closed. The investigator believed the seatbelt had been in that position for some time.

The report said the seat belt was stuck to the post coming off of the B-Pillar, potentially blocking the door lock from properly latching, which caused the door to come open.

The report said the firefighter was not wearing his seat belt when he fell out of the truck.

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Report details potential issue with door latch when KCK firefighter fell out of truck, sustaining severe head injury

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KSHB 41 News has obtained a report from the Kansas City, Kansas, Fire Department that details what happened when a firefighter was injured in an accident on Dec. 12. Pumper 17 was heading to a grocery store around 10:45 a.m. that Sunday.