Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Pays Tribute To Bob Dole & Build Back Better

Redistricting might put her out of a job but his Kansas politico is certainly winning her campaign fight to garner a higher profile and love from her progressive pals.

Check this bit of lovingly crafted coverage and milquetoast statements . . .

"Every single piece of our lives from the beginning of our day until we lay down to go to bed is touched by infrastructure," Davids points out. "To me it's one of these things where, if we're really thinking hard about improving our infrastructure investments, then what we're really actually doing is creating a situation for future generations to thrive" 

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U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids on president's Kansas City visit, infrastructure and Bob Dole

Representative Sharice Davids flew into Kansas City with President Joe Biden last week to tout the bipartisan bill he signed into law. Davids was involved in crafting part of the infrastructure legislation. Some of the most important benefits of the bill for her are the expansion of U.S.