Kansas Guv Kelly Turns Cold Shoulder On Prez Biden Amid Reelection Bid

This report isn't telling us new but instead hopes to explain the political gambit and remind us that our elected officials aren't really serious about anything but holding onto power.

Here's the holiday apology to the progressives . . .

Like Democratic governors in Michigan and Wisconsin, Kelly will try to win a second term against midterm political headwinds blowing in Republicans’ favor. But she’s trying it in a state former President Donald Trump carried twice and where Republicans, energized in opposition to Biden’s vaccine mandates, look likely to avoid a serious primary fight.

Her attempt to stake out ground in the political center has irritated some fellow Democrats in the short term. But others argue the tactic could work for her if she also hammers home a message that Kansas now has a stable budget and its public schools are considered fully funded.

"What Democrats need to remember is that she’s doing that to try to win reelection," said Mike Swenson, who has worked as a Democratic strategist and consultant in the Kansas City area for over four decades.

He added: “We can appeal to the moderates — absolutely.”

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Kansas governor breaks with Biden in appeal to GOP voters

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly spent 18 months sparring with Kansas' legislative Republicans over COVID-19 measures. In the early days of the pandemic she imposed and then extended a stay-at-home order, issued a brief statewide mask mandate and tried to limit in-person worship services - all while meeting growls of GOP protest.