Kansas Critical Race Theory Push Back Debated

Helicopter parents hopelessly politicize public education in the Sunflower State amid overall declining test scores and rising dissatisfaction.

Here's a progressive peek at the slap fight distraction . . .

"Critics say public schools are echoing liberal talking points in ways that breed white guilt and accelerate racial conflict."

Even more insight: 

"School and district leaders are facing emotionally charged conversations with the public as states consider bills to limit teaching about “divisive subjects” such as racism and sexuality. In some cases, right wing political groups that oppose “critical race theory”—an academic framework that says racism isn’t just the product of individual bias but is embedded in legal systems and policies—have flagged common educational terms like social-emotional learning and equity as linked to the concept, though schools insist they are not."

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Conservatives see critical race theory in anti-racist schooling and they want it gone from Kansas

WICHITA, Kansas - Lessons about racism and discrimination are part of what Kansas kids learn at school - from kindergarten songs to high school lectures on Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, the landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled racial segregation unconstitutional.

Schools Face Fears of 'Critical Race Theory' as They Scale Up Social-Emotional Learning

This is a pivotal moment for social-emotional learning in K-12 schools. While district and school leaders are eager to nurture the social-emotional skills they see as vital to overcoming the disruptions and trauma caused by the pandemic, no one wants to get caught in a political firestorm.

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