Kansas City Taco Bell Cantina Foreshadows Death Of Westport?!?

There's nobody that wants to hang out at the Taco Bell Cantina. Anybody who does . . . Is to be avoided at all costs.

Nevertheless . . .

This "high concept" quick service taco hut continues to garner attention and might reveal that local nightlife is taking a horrific turn downhill.

Accordingly, we slouch toward the opening date and fear that Westport's reputation as Kansas City's most authentic hangout spot is quickly fading.

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Taco Bell Cantina to open soon at Westport and Broadway

After the closing of several staples of Westport's bar and entertainment scene, the new Taco Bell Cantina sign at 4111 Broadway has become, if nothing else, a very intriguing prospect ever since it was put up earlier this fall. Its arrival comes with mixed reviews.

Developing . . .