Kansas City Sunday News: Angels, Destruction & Threats

We start Sunday just a bit earlier than usual, as of late, and offer a glimpse of natural disasters, supernatural reassurance, top headlines, pop culture and community news.

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Salvation Depends On Us

Families in need across the metro set to receive special delivery from the Salvation Army

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Next week, people all over the metro who are served by the Salvation Army will receive a special delivery. Dozens of volunteers put together 5,000 boxes of food for senior citizens and families who are struggling to make ends meet. This year, the Salvation Army is serving an increased number of people.

Partnership Against Plague

Overland Park couple's COVID-19 community project grows into nonprofit, serves hundreds of locals

What started out as a pandemic passion project for Jennifer and Adam Parker quickly turned into a full-time job. After 15 months of growth, the Tiny Pantry, created to feed people in the neighborhood, is now registered as a nonprofit organization as of September.

Local Good Deeds Delivered Quickly

Heart to Heart International working to help those in need after tornado damage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Within hours of hearing of the devastation due to these tornados Heart to Heart International began working sending an advanced team down to the effective areas as workers behind me prepare things from hygiene kits to a mobile medical unit - ad the CEO says they stand ready to help and are prepared "Right now, we are packing up the vehicles that the team will be taking to Mayfield," CEO of Heart to Heart Kim Carroll said.

Loading Up Jobs

Lake City Ammo Plant May Reload

In July, while most folks were planning barbecues and preparing to go back to school, Lake City Army Ammunitions Plant employees were worried about the future of their jobs. The U.S. Army budget proposal for fiscal year 2022 called for a 30% to 50% reduction in small arms. That threatened fewer orders to the only government-funded small ammunition facility in the nation.

Pix From The Fields Debut

"In the Fields of the North / En los Campos del Norte" at Kansas City, Kansas Public Library - KC STUDIO

Two farm workers pull weeds in a field of organic potatoes. Dos trabajadores agrícolas arrancan mala hierba en un campo de papas orgánicas.Photograph by David Bacon It's not often that a public library hosts an exhibition of photography by a nationally recognized photographer whose work is so meaningful that Stanford University has an archive dedicated to his work, but that is precisely what has taken place at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library with David Bacon's "In the Fields of the North / En los Campos del Norte."

Angel Fallen After Vaxx Debate

What's Going On With Model Doutzen Kroes's Anti-Vaxx Controversy?

Almost half of Americans still aren't vaccinated against COVID-19, but they're not all people who can't take time off work or find childcare in order to get the shot. Sometimes vaccine resistance comes from the very top of the fashion and entertainment industries, as Dutch model and philanthropist Doutzen Kroes proved this week when she expressed her unwillingness to get vaccinated on Instagram.

Prez Biden Talks Sky Falling

Biden uses tornado tragedy to push climate agenda, suggests storms are 'consequence of the warming'

President Biden on Saturday addressed the fatal weather that ravaged parts of the South and Midwest and used the tragedy to further his own beliefs on climate change. While speaking to reporters and virtually assessing the tornado damage from Wilmington, Delaware, Biden was asked whether he "could conclude that these storms and the intensity have to do with climate change."

Prez To Prez Consideration

Trump says he 'liked' Obama during Florida event with Bill O'Reilly

Former President Donald Trump expressed admiration for predecessor Barack Obama at a ticketed Florida event Saturday, after spending years slamming the Democrat. Speaking at the kickoff of his four-date "History Tour" with Bill O'Reilly at an arena in Sunrise, Florida, the Republican said of Obama, "I liked him," while also calling him "smart and sharp," according to The Sun Sentinel.

Veep Doubted By Everybody

Kamala Harris needs to 'get serious' to improve her weak poll numbers, WSJ columnist says

How can Vice President Kamala Harris improve her low approval numbers? Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan offered some suggestions this week. Noonan wrote a withering op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday where she urged the Democrat to "get serious." In the piece aptly titled "Kamala Harris Needs to Get Serious," Noonan mused on the vice president's current predicament.

Funny Money Ruins Agenda

Soaring inflation could hamper Biden's effort to narrow wealth, racial disparities

And because workers with low incomes are more likely to be Black and Hispanic - their median weekly earnings for full-time jobs were significantly lower than those of white and Asian Americans in the most recent quarter of 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - they are also more likely to take the brunt of inflation.

Commander-In-Chief Puts Russian On Notice

Biden warns Putin: Russia will pay 'terrible price' if it invades Ukraine

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec 11 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden on Saturday said he told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia would pay "a terrible price" and face devastating economic consequences if it invaded Ukraine. Biden told reporters the possibility of sending U.S.

Everybody Against Vlad

UK seeks unity at G7 meeting over Russia's 'malign behavior'

LIVERPOOL, England -- Top diplomats from the Group of Seven industrialized nations gathered beside the River Mersey in Liverpool, with host country Britain seeking "a show of unity against global aggressors" amid a crisis over Russia's intentions towards Ukraine. The U.K.


Trump calls Jussie Smollett's assault hoax a 'hate crime in reverse'

Trump on Friday responded to Jussie Smollett's conviction for lying to police Smollett falsely claimed Trump's supporters attacked him in a hate crime 'This is really a hate crime. Sort of a hate crime in reverse,' said Trump Donald Trump has reacted to Jussie Smollett's conviction for lying to police about a hate crime he claimed was perpetrated by MAGA supporters, calling it a 'hate crime in reverse.'

Nasty Network News Accused

CNN producer accused of coaxing parents, underage girls into 'sexual training'

CNN producer John Griffin was arrested by the FBI on Friday after a federal grand jury charged him with enticing minors to engage in "unlawful sexual activity" at his Vermont property. Griffin, 44 of Stamford, Connecticut, was charged with three counts of "using a facility of interstate commerce" to lure minors and people claiming to be their parents to train them to be sexually subservient, the U.S.


Man takes 10 COVID vaccine shots in single day

A man who was vaccinated against COVID-19 up to 10 times in one day on behalf of other people has been called "unbelievably selfish" and sparked an investigation. Astrid Koornneef, group manager operations for the Covid-19 vaccine and immunization program in New Zealand, said the country's Ministry of Health was aware of the issue and taking the matter very seriously.

Leadership Needed To Defeat Pandemic

Scientists fear falling trust in Boris Johnson could harm bid to curb Omicron surge

Ministers announced a huge expansion of the booster vaccine campaign on Saturday night, amid warnings that further restrictions will be needed imminently to prevent tens of thousands of deaths. With new Covid measures being discussed in Whitehall and claims of people being turned away from booster walk-in centres, third jabs will be opened up to those in their 30s from Monday in England.

Concern From Space?!?

Jeff Bezos responds to Edwardsville Amazon warehouse deaths during tornado

Jeff Bezos on Saturday night said he was "heartbroken" over the deaths of at least six Amazon employees in an Illinois warehouse hit by a tornado Friday. The Amazon founder was blasted on social media earlier Saturday for failing to mention the deadly incident in Edwardsville while cheering on his latest group of space tourists in an Instagram post.

Foodie Shares Words From Beyond The Grave

The Lost Diary of Anthony Bourdain

On June 29, 2014, at 8:02 p.m. ET, a user named NooYawkCity made the first of what would come to be many posts to a popular martial-arts forum on reddit.com. It was titled "58 year old white belt": I've been training about a year, and only recently gotten solidly hooked.

From Locally Based Publication: About The Angels

What I learned from my guardian angel

My brother Oliver died 41 years ago of pneumonia in my mother's arms. After bathing him in bed with a sponge for 32 years, after feeding him w...

Cowtown Cash For Pitch

Pinnacle Prize offering a $100,000 award in search for Kansas City's next visionary leader

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What would you do if you won $100,000? Well, two Kansas City women now have to think what they's actually do with that kind of money because they won it. It came from an organization called the Pinnacle Prize. We're talking to the Pinnacle Prize Consulting Director Maurice Watson to learn [...]

Kicking Around Ideas

What's "In the Box"?: A Holiday Wish List for Sporting Kansas City

There is a "Magic" tree that stands in Lee's Summit, Missouri, about 30 minutes from Sporting Kansas City's Children's Mercy Park. The fact that it excites some people and promotes charitable giving lights me up, as much as I find the tree itself bright and colorful yet underwhelming.

Endless Hipster Tour Scheduled

'Supply Chain Issues' brings Jack White to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Within hours of hearing of the devastation due to these tornados Heart to Heart International began working sending an advanced team down to the effective areas as workers behind me prepare things from hygiene kits to a mobile medical unit -- ad the CEO says they stand ready to help and are prepared "Right now, we are packing up the vehicles that the team will be taking to Mayfield," CEO of Heart to Heart Kim Carroll said.

Kansas City Strange Brew Debuts

This kombucha brewer brought back North America's most mysterious tropical fruit; the time to taste it is ripe now

"I'd never heard of pawpaws until last year when one of our farmer friends brought us a bunch of them. ... But they're really only ripe once a year; so once it's gone, it's gone. We have to wait until next year," said Goldman, the owner-operator of The Brewkery kombucha taproom in North Kansas City, as well as founder of the Lucky Elixir kombucha brand.

Sunday Temperature Spike

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