Kansas City Endures Dangerous Healthcare COVID ‘Great’ Resignation

As the economy worsens, the job market endures a curious and schizophrenic challenge . . .

Biz suffers because people aren't working.

In the healthcare field, this labor shortage is life threatening . . .

The roller coaster still hasn’t come to a full stop, warned Kansas City area chief medical officers on Dec. 17. It’s about to hit another peak.

In another stomach-curling twist, COVID exhaustion and the rise in the omicron variant are colliding with the newest surge.

Health care administrators say staff members are leaving for reasons such as burnout, illness and fear. Others needed child care but couldn’t find it.

Kansas City area chief medical officers see that too.

And when centers try to fill vacancies, nobody applies.

This leaves center administrators scrambling to attend to residents who need round-the-clock care.

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Can Seniors Survive COVID and the Elder Care Staffing Crisis?

Picture serenity and safety. Manicured laws. Tidy rooms. Good meals. On-call nurses. For seniors who need a little extra help as they age, they and their families turn to assisted living centers or nursing homes. But that system is in crisis, warns the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living.