Kansas City Star FINALLY Forced To Acknowledge Red Wave Coming Soon

Like most of their content, a recent op-ed from The Kansas City Star today was hot garbage. 

The out-of-the-loop scribe took a moment to "introduce" us to Justice & Manny even though our blog community has been talking about their political contest for about a year.

It was hard to decipher the main point of the screed beyond the author's self-obsession but this might have been the money line . . .  

"I felt a bit like I was privy to something clandestine, even at this public meeting where obviously they hoped the lawyer, whoever she is, would show up. It was clear those attending are excited about having their voices heard and also about a chance to speak from a political seat. They’re preparing to push hard for that. I couldn’t help wondering: Are Dems ready for what’s coming?"

We might talk about this more but the idea that a bunch of rubes out in Lake Lotawana are going to change nearly a century of municipal politics by way of mean tweets is laughable. 

However . . . 


Again, we've been noting and warning as much for most of this year. 

Accordingly, here's the newspaper coming late to the party and still tagging people as "mask-less" in a place where there is no mask mandate . . . 

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Conservative We The People group wants seats on every Kansas City-area council, board

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Even better, we share FURTHER READING from better sources about the RED WAVE that's building momentum and is now undeniable . . .

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