Kansas City Police Share Info On TikTok Threats Of School Violence

This might actually qualify as good news and a glimpse at local police working to protect the embattled NEXTGEN confronting a myriad of trouble that mostly comes by way of looking at smart phones far too much.

Here's the word sent out last night . . .

"The KCPD has been made aware of the multiple social media posts circulating in recent days indicating threats of violence at several schools throughout the nation.  No specific information concerning threats or attacks planned at schools in our area have been deemed credible.  Our department will continue to monitor this situation.  As always, we encourage anyone to report anything they feel is concerning or suspicious by calling 911."

Check more deets on school threats trending . . .

Schools across US cancel classes over unconfirmed TikTok threats

School districts across the United States are cancelling classes on Friday, December 17th due to reports of threats that are supposedly being made on TikTok. Districts in California, Texas, Minnesota, and Missouri have said they plan to close down Friday in response, according to the districts and local media reports.

US schools cancel classes following potential shooting threats on TikTok | Engadget

A number of school districts in the US has canceled classes for today, December 17th, due to shooting and bomb threats supposedly circulating on TikTok and other social media channels. According to and , they include districts in Michigan, Washington, California, Texas, Minnesota and Missouri.

Schools in the U.S. Taking Precautions Over Disturbing TikTok Threat for Dec. 17: 'I'm Scared'

TikTok said it is handling the rumored threats with the "utmost seriousness" A number of school districts around the country are responding to an anonymous threat on TikTok that seemingly warns against students attending class on Friday. The threat, or "challenge," as some have referred to it, reportedly calls on students to commit acts of violence on Dec.

TikTok school threats prompt call for parents to talk to kids: Here's how

(NEXSTAR) - Law enforcement and schools across the metro, and the country, are on high alert amid an apparent TikTok trend threatening violence nationwide on Friday. Authorities and school administrators in several states say they have been made aware of a social media challenge encouraging students to bring weapons to school on Dec.

TikTok 'challenge' warns of alleged school shooting threats across US

An anonymous threat made on TikTok has various US school districts on high alert. The threat, which is also being reported as a "challenge," claims that multiple school shootings will take place on Friday. As a result, numerous schools across the nation have increased security and issued letters to parents as a precaution.

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