Kansas City MSM Believe Cerner Hype About INEVITABLE Oracle Layoffs

Again, we don't want to get caught on some kind of wacko anti-corporate rant. The local acquisition is good news for Oracle stockholders.

But again . . . The typical corporate takeover comes at a cost of 30% of the workforce deemed redundant by new bosses. In Kansas City, this will mean that THOUSANDS OF JOBS ARE SOON TO BE ELIMINATED.

Meanwhile, the push is on to ignore or obfuscate the hardship going forward . . . Here's today's example:

“Oracle is not currently in the medical space, so that usually bodes well for the saving of jobs in that type of transaction,” John Hense Jr., managing director of CC Capital Advisors, told the Kansas City Business Journal."

If that's the last remaining shred of hope locals want to cling to . . . Good luck!!!

Meanwhile . . . 

The smart money might want to think about polishing up that résumé and realizing the corporate loyalty has evolved along with the global economy.

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Could sale to Oracle affect Cerner jobs in Kansas City area?

A concern with any acquisition is the potential for layoffs - especially ones that cut deep. But Cerner Corp. may have an advantage in the proposed $28.3 billion, all-cash deal to sell to Oracle Corp., with closing expected in 2022. Cerner is the area's largest private-sector employer, with more than 12,700 local full-time-equivalent positions.