Kansas City Monday Morning News Dangle: COVID Coming Home For Holidays?!?

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Cowtown Pandemic Return Trip

KCI expects to see over 400,000 holiday travelers

Kansas City International Airport is preparing for a busy holiday travel season. "I just got to deal with this for 2 hours," said Tommie Westmoreland, who was visiting his hometown, Kansas City. KCI said they're expecting to see 415,000 travelers this week until Jan. 3.Up 53 % from last year."Everybody is wearing a mask.

Cold Case Hope Cont'd

Unsolved homicide from 2019 leaves family still searching for answers

LEAWOOD, Kan. - The fight for justice has been the everyday reality for one metro family, after their loved one was shot and killed. Four days before Christmas of 2019, Zach Morrisey was ripped away from his family, senselessly. "It's just the fact that you'll never see them again, or be able to talk to them again," Cousin Shannon Ross said.

Public Radio Unhappy Returns

Supply chain blues

Frogpond, Kansas City's legendary four-woman rock band, recently took the stage for the first time since the year 2000. The show was supposed to double as a record release party for their new album Time Thief - only there were no records available. The entire vinyl industry had gotten backed up.

NextGen Plays Pr0n Game

PlayStation Players Use Certain Orange And Black Adult Site The Most

PlayStation users are a bunch of wankers - literally. PornHub has unveiled its year-in-review, the Spotify Wrapped of getting off. And more than any other platform, it's the PlayStation-ers that are watching porn on their consoles. It has a lead of 60.6%, up 17.6% from last year.

Build Back Busted

White House blasts Manchin for lying to Biden after he nukes Build Back Better

The White House has blasted Democratic Senator Joe Manchin after he blindsided the Biden administration with an announcement on Sunday that he would oppose the Build Back Better Act, the president's signature legislation.

MAGA Might Be Worried

Why Trump appears deeply unnerved as Capitol attack investigation closes in

Donald Trump is increasingly agitated by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack, according to sources familiar with the matter, and appears anxious he might be implicated in the sprawling inquiry into the insurrection even as he protests his innocence.

Pandemic Protection Develops?!?

COVID-19 vaccine plus breakthrough infection may offer 'super immunity'

Breakthrough infections in people who've been vaccinated against COVID-19 may trigger "super immunity" against coronavirus variants, including Omicron, according to a new study. "The key is to get vaccinated. You've got to have a foundation of protection," said co-author Dr. Marcel Curlin, an associate professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland.


Israel moves to ban travel to US due to omicron variant concerns

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday announced that his cabinet approved a travel ban to the U.S. due to rising concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 omicron variant, according to reports. The Jerusalem Post reported that the measure needs approval by the Knesset Law and Constitution and Health committees.

European Plagued By Probs

Europe gives US gloomy portrait of what's to come with omicron

As the omicron variant batters Europe with exponentially skyrocketing COVID-19 cases, public health experts warn the U.S. could be barreling down the same path and face record waves of infections in the coming days and weeks.

COVID Kills Cash

Stocks tumble and oil sinks as storm clouds gather over global economy

Investors hoping for an easy Christmas week could be sorely disappointed as stocks and oil prices tumble in the face of growing threats to the global economy.

Weed Fight Reaches US

Marijuana wars: Violent Mexican drug cartels turn Northern California into 'The Wild West'

COVELO, Calif. - Mexican drug cartels are muscling in on America's burgeoning multi-billion-dollar marijuana industry, illegally growing large crops in the hills and valleys of Northern California. The state legalized marijuana in 2016 for adult recreational use, yet the black market continues to thrive with thousands of illegal grows.

Divas Commiserate Over Cray Talk

Mariah Carey Says She "Reached Out" To Britney Spears During Her Conservatorship Battle And It Was Because Of Something Prince Said To Her

"Guess what? You're not alone." Read the entire interview here.

JLo Doesn't Mind Drunk Talk

Jennifer Lopez says she's not upset over Ben Affleck's comments regarding his ex-wife Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez has nothing but love for Ben Affleck.

Hollywood Spins Web

Box Office: 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Debuts to Jaw-Dropping $253 Million

Don't underestimate Peter Parker. That's the takeaway this weekend after Sony's comic book adventure " Spider-Man: No Way Home " crushed box office expectations, generating a mammoth $253 million from 4,336 theaters in North America. It was easily the best domestic opening weekend turnout of any movie in pandemic times.

Local Dish Debuts

The Peacock offers vibrant dishes and drinks in an intimate space in Kansas City's Old Westport

"Everything on our menu should have a surprising element or two," he says. "I wanted a menu that was totally diverse, pulling aspects from cuisines all over the world." Starters like the Seafood Duo, consisting of grilled shrimp, spicy mussels, escabeche, marinated mushrooms, muhammara and steamed greens, will bring enough heat to wake up your taste buds.

Fanboys Sorry For Doubt

An open apology to Frank Clark and Kansas City Chiefs defense

Expectations were at an all-time high when the Kansas City Chiefs started the season in September. Coming off of two straight Super Bowl appearances, fans and experts alike expected the Chiefs to dominate offensively and make yet another deep playoff run.

Kansas City Forecast For Now

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Frosty to start your Monday KC ! Mostly sunny skies with highs a little warmer this afternoon near 46. It will be a quiet week of weather for the holiday week. Highs will be in the 40s through midweek with warmer air in the 50s and 60s by Christmas.

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