Kansas City Metro Drunk Driving Crackdown For The Holidays

This morning we share a quick but important reminder that holiday spirits could conclude in the pokey for party people who land on the police naughty list. 

Bad puns aside . . .

Given the recent uptick in alcoholism, this public health and safety reminder is worth a peek:

"We are seeing more DWIs during the day where we'd normally see them in the middle of the night 2-3 or in the afternoon and higher than normal BACs," Clay County Sgt. Devin Lambeth said.

One Platte County family knows the heartache it can cause. The drunk driver in their son's death was just sentenced this month. The driver who killed Preston Brayfield had a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit.

"We had taught him so much don't drink and drive with him just being 22 and so young, but we had never thought about him being a victim of a drunk driver," his mother said.

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MoDOT kicks off campaign to arrest impaired drivers over holidays

LIBERTY, Mo. - Law enforcement across Missouri kicked off a campaign Friday to Save "Mo" Lives and prevent drinking and driving over the holidays. Last holiday season 14 people were killed on Missouri Roads by drunk drivers. Authorities say people are driving even more intoxicated at all hours of the day.

We really did buy more alcohol during the early pandemic, study finds

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