Kansas City 2021 Homicide #152: Deadly Shooting Overnight

We start the morning with a quick summary as the ongoing murder spike worsens and the COVID pandemic threatens to return for the winter. 

Context that most local journalists have forgotten . . . 

1993 was one of the bloodiest years in Kansas City history and the wave of violence fueled by a mainstream-media facilitated maelstrom of gang & drug culture from the West Coast pretty much defined this blogger's world view. 

In the end, that crime spike was curbed not by politicos, dim-wit activists groups or a fake gang truce but by local thugs deciding for themselves that they didn't want to take part in a shady pyramid scheme launched by con-artists. Capitalism and self-interest defeated loyalties among naive men on their way to the morgue or jail . . . THEY decided against offering any money to faraway connections in L.A. merely out of "respect" (lulz) and the violent attempt to organize the most cutthroat business on the planet collapsed after a summer bloodbath worse than any organized crime feud during the prohibition era. 

Not-so-fun fact . . . That same kind of murder surge happened in Kansas City after Hurricane Katrina wherein New Orleans tough guys assumed they were heading into virgin territory and painfully discovered that brutal violence wasn't a new phenomena in the urban core of this cowtown and our criminal class wasn't that easily impressed by roughnecks from The Big Easy.  

And now . . . 

Deadly Kansas City violence during time of plague is reaching the same levels. 

The 1993 body count was 153. 

Unofficially, the KCMO homicide count has now reached 152 compared to the record breaking 179 total last year.

Now the killing is more random, chaotic and involves a horrific level of deadly domestic assaults, property crime gone wrong and disputes started betwixt low-IQ people via social media. 

Sure, the drug trade is part of this deadly mix . . . But the patterns of murder documented are much further down the food chain and even crime experts would be hard pressed to connect the bloody chaos to any trend besides the plague that's quickly transforming Western culture into a truly dystopian society.

And so . . . 

Kansas City is 1 homicide away from the 2nd deadliest year in our history.

Also . . .

Kansas City is 7 killings away from enduring the deadliest month ever documented.

Here is tonight's report of the latest local murder . . . 

Homicide 8700 block North Kansas Place

This morning just after 12:30 am officers were dispatched to a shooting call in the 8700 block of N Kansas Place. 

Callers reported hearing sounds of shots and saw a victim unresponsive in the parking lot of the apartment complex there.

When officers arrived they located an adult male victim who appeared to have been shot.  They summoned EMS to the scene who declared the victim deceased at the scene.

Detectives are canvassing the area of the complex for any witnesses, and crime scene investigators are processing the scene for evidence.

If anyone has any information and has not been in touch with detectives they are asked to contact the Homicide Unit directly at 816-234-5043 or the TIPS hotline anonymously at 816-474-TIPS, There is a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case.


Developing . . .