Kansas City Hit By 'UnGun' Hype

A question for close watchers of the local discourse and billboards . . .


Probably not and we've seen plenty of horrible Youtube clips wherein a real gun didn't provide enough stopping power.

Nevertheless and in fairness, here's the pitch dutifully carried by local news . . .

Byrna looks like a gun. You pull a trigger just like you would with a traditional firearm.

However, the company considers it a “launcher” because there are no bullets. The projectiles are plastic balls or balls packed with pepper and tear gas. The delivery mechanism involves CO2 cartridges.

The CEO explained the design was intentional and the form acts as a deterrent.

“This is not a gun. We in fact, we call it the un-gun. We discovered that there were a lot of other gun owners, like myself, that wanted a non-lethal option,” said Byrna CEO Bryan Ganz.

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'Ungun' being marketed to law enforcement and consumers in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City is a target market for a newer weapon which offers a less lethal option than a traditional handgun. It's being marketed on billboards and demonstrations are taking place to several sheriff's departments in both Missouri and Kansas. It's called Byrna.

You decide . . .