Kansas City Confronts COVID Mask Cease & Desist & Plague Fatigue

Pandemic politics persist and this cowtown doesn't seem any closer to eliminating the virus given the uptick in nearby cases and continues fighting over public health protocols.

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We share this roundup COVID spikes to the top of the American agenda once again . . .

Kansas City school districts respond to Missouri AG's cease and desist over mask mandates

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri's Attorney General Eric Smitt sent cease and desist orders to dozens of school districts across the state this week. The letters warn the districts may face legal action if they continue to enforce COVID-19 related mask mandates and quarantines. The letters come following a decision by a Cole County Circuit Court.

LSR-7 Statement On Attorney General's Cease And Desist Letter

Regarding a recent letter from Missouri State Attorney General Eric Schmitt regarding mask wearing in schools Katy Bergen, Executive Director of Public Relations replies: "The district has received the letter from the Attorney General, and disagrees with its claims. The District will be responding through its legal counsel, and is prepared to defend in court its duty under Missouri law to protect the health and safety of its students and staff."

Kansas recommends COVID booster shots for anyone at least 16 years old

KANSAS (KCTV) -- A day after the FDA and CDC gave their final approval for people as young as 16 to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is recommending booster shots for anyone at least 16 years old.

Clay County seeing increased COVID-19 hospitalizations

Across the Kansas City area, COVID-19 hospitalizations are up 34% in three weeks. In Clay County the numbers are worse.Some doctors are worried not enough people are getting COVID-19 booster shots.At Liberty Hospital, the number of people seeking care for COVID-19 is rising.

Missouri tells health depts to "stop enforcing and publicizing" COVID measures

View more stories As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise sharply in Missouri, local health departments are abandoning efforts to stop the spread of the pandemic disease, saying their hands have been tied by the state's attorney general and a recent court ruling.

US Covid cases surge as vaccine progress slows and Omicron variant sparks fears

For Dr Rina D'Abramo of the MetroHealth System in Cleveland, it's difficult when patients in the emergency room tell her they have not been vaccinated. "You can hear it in their voice when you say, 'Are you vaccinated?'" said D'Abramo, who works at a hospital in the Brecksville suburb.

This County Has an Abysmal Vax Rate-and Now It's Stopping 'All COVID-19 Work'

Just 35 percent of the 35,000 people living Laclede County, Missouri, are vaccinated, but the county health department announced Thursday that it will stop all its COVID-19 mitigation efforts. "Laclede County Health Department has been forced to cease all COVID-19 related work at the current time," the southern Missouri agency said in a statement on Facebook.

Researchers in Japan use ostrich cells to make glowing COVID-19 detection masks

TOKYO, Dec 10 - Japanese researchers have developed masks that use ostrich antibodies to detect COVID-19 by glowing under ultraviolet light. The discovery by Yasuhiro Tsukamoto and his team at Kyoto Prefectural University in western Japan could provide for low-cost testing of the virus at home, they said in a press release.

Vaxxed or not, data suggests people are over Omicron/Delta, and COVID altogether: Morning Brief

This article first appeared in the Morning Brief. Get the Morning Brief sent directly to your inbox every Monday to Friday by 6:30 a.m. ET. Subscribe Thursday, December 10, 2021 Last Sunday, after nearly suffering a heart-attack watching Pittsburgh play Baltimore in a classic Steelers-Ravens thriller, I attended my first concert of the pandemic era: Genesis, which played to a packed-to-the-rafters crowd at Madison Square Garden.

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