Kansas City Community News Scorned

The Northeast News dutifully warns readers of the decline of local journalism both printed and otherwise.

As we admire hottie Kimmie Insta promo . . . Here's their latest caution and a request for support . . .

"Last March we published an edition with a front page devoid of any news, stressing through articles inside the strong need to support Community Journalism. Our message? There’s a reasonable expectation that if local business, non-profit agencies and municipalities don’t support locally owned Community Journalism outlets with paid ad revenue, then those newsrooms would ultimately close, leaving the surrounding community without a news team to cover the hyperlocal news that’s so important in keeping neighborhoods in the city’s urban core vibrant and in touch."

Reality check . . . 

The advert model in its current configuration isn't going to save newspapers, journalism or the printed word. 

Neither tech nor capitalism have any mercy for biz that can't fend for itself. 

We agree with Northeast News . . . The current paradigm is giving the public nothing more than garbage by way of talking points. 

The tragedy: That's EXACTLY what the public wants.

Desire and demand are nearly impossible to overcome. 

We wish he had some kind of solution to offer. 

We don't. 

In the meantime we'll keep sharing horrible & repeated fart jokes, offering inside word and even a bit of reporting whilst we deconstruct "the news" which seems to be falling apart on its own.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Buzz: Reasonable expectations

The News Dog would like to talk a little about Community Journalism and reasonable expectations. When a citizen picks up the phone to dial 911, there's a reasonable expectation that police officers or the fire department will respond. The same with reporting an issue to the City's 311 Action Center, there's a reasonable expectation that a City department will respond.