Kansas City Chiefs Christmas Present Switcheroo

We present a bit of local flavor and the plot to a garbage streaming movie next year that should be skipped.

The mistake could be a screwball comedy attempting to improve the image of some otherwise unlikable Hollywood goon following a deadly drunk driving crash. 

OR . . . 

A thriller where a woman barely over 5 feet beats up a broad array of beefy Eastern European white guys with the help of a diverse cast.

Check the premise . . . 

When he looked at the box, he noticed two different labels --- one had his name and address on it and the other had Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt's name on it.

"I called around to all my friends, said hey did you send me wine for Christmas?," he said. "Nobody knew anything about it, so I did some Googling, some more internet searching, read the Christmas card that was addressed to Mr. Hunt, and kind of put all the pieces together."

Here's the true Christmas miracle . . . 

Just like the rest of us it seems as if the fortunate billionaire son suffers the awkwardness of holiday gift exchanges that always end in disappointment for people who buy into the season of consumerism.

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Kansas City man receives gift meant for Chiefs owner Clark Hunt

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- A Kansas City man ordered a gift for his dad, but somehow got a package that was supposed to go to Arrowhead Stadium. Chad Morelli found two bottles of wine from The Pro Football Hall of Fame.