Kansas City Camel Hump Chase Roundup Cont'd

We mistakenly threw this story in a compilation and, stupidly, didn't realize it would become one of the most popular "news" items of the month.

Accordingly, for those who might have missed out on all the fun, we present this news collection of vital "camel hump chasing" in the Kansas City metro . . . Enjoy!!! . . . Check-it . . .

Camel on the lam: Bonner Springs officers apprehended an unusual escapee

BONNER SPRINGS, KAN. (KCTV) --- Bonner Springs police officers responded to a very unusual assignment on Sunday afternoon. Officers from the Bonner Springs Police Department and Animal Control tracked down a loose camel. According to police, the camel had quite the journey in the city in southwestern Wyandotte County.

Loose camel 'taken into custody' following police pursuit

In a rather eventful Sunday, Bonner Springs police were throwing lassos instead of handing out speeding tickets. Animal control and police spent the entire day chasing down a loose camel.After reports of a loose camel on a golf course came in, officers took quick action to bring the animal to justice.

Bonner Springs Police Department catches runaway camel after daylong pursuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Bonner Springs Police Department and Animal Control chased down a loose camel Sunday. BSPD said the pursuit lasted "the entire day." The camel roamed on golf courses, down K-7 Highway and through multiple neighborhoods, according to BSPD.

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