Kansas City Blogging From Beyond The Grave Against MAGA

I'm pretty sure MO Rage is dead.

This year a beloved progressive online keyboard warrior who called himself "Kevy" met an untimely demise and he was associated with MO Rage.

However, in an interesting turnabout . . . We notice that death doesn't stop hatred of former Prez Trump.

And so this latest post is either a message from beyond the grave or a sign that the political divide is eternal . . .

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Things I Thought We'd Never See--Things I though America Was Better Than, Smarter Than

I thought we, the US, were all smarter, better, more educated and so beyond the likes of Donald Trump-- and his followers. I thought we were better, far better than self-serving, greedy, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, white supremacist Donald J Trump. I thought we were far better than an insurrection.