Kansas City Activist Clay Chastain Plans New ELECTRIC Transit Petition

Kansas City's most prolific activist shares the FIRST WORD of his latest effort here on TKC.

Take a peek at an effort that seeks voter approval rather than imposing gerrymandered schemes . . .

Activist Clay Chastain readies new petition drive to rescue Kansas City in case federal court rules in City's favor

Decades of liberal policies and taxpayer-funded glitz have dominated and destroyed Kansas City. Our City is dying at the hands of far left sophomoric leaders who have not only ruined it, but also have no plan to rescue it.

Americans must rise up and save our nation's cities from the liberal mismanagement, rising crime, hopelessness and depopulation that now engulf them.
Reinserting conservative policies and values, coupled with implementing new innovative plans to jump start our cities, will assure their survival and future prosperity.

For Kansas City to revive itself, it must first reinvent itself with a plan that brings relief from...on-going violent crime, population loss, rising transportation costs and decaying quality of life.   
Activist Clay Chastain has such a plan the City has refused to present to voters. The fate of that petition proposal is now in federal court.

If the City wins on a bogus technicality, Chastain is prepared to hit the streets again with a new City Hall-proof petition timed to go on the 2022 midterm ballot and be a winner for the people of Kansas City.

The new petition proposal constitutes...(1) Establishing a "Citywide All-Electric Transit System" (quick, quiet and clean electric buses and light rail) to replace the City's outdated, unpopular and environmentally-unfriendly fossil fuel-powered bus system, (2) Integrating into Union Station's reuse a new Multi-Modal Regional Transportation Center connecting regional buses to Kansas City's new All-Electric Transit System, (3) Connecting the new modernized transit system to the City's downtown streetcar system, (4) Transforming Penn Valley Park from a forlorn, dangerous and underutilized urban space into a premier open green space free from vehicular traffic, (5) Creating a Citywide (auto-free) "Greenway" network (separated lanes for electric transit, bicycle / scooter and pedestrian use only) to safely move about our City.

This plan is big enough and good enough to turn the tide, catch national attention, capture federal infrastructure matching funds, ignite our City's economy and cast Kansas City a new image as America's foremost Green City of the Midwest.

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain


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