Kansas City 911 Calls Spike Despite 'Defund' Rhetoric

Demand for help from police certainly hasn't suffered even if our elected leaders are searching for ways to raid the police budget "transformative change" in law enforcement.

Here's an important passage from today's police testimony at 12th & Oak . . .

(Chief) Smith said so far this year, police have received 20,000 more 911 calls for help compared to last year. The big jump in calls comes at a time when police are down about 200 officers.

The pandemic and the protests following George Floyd's death have taken a toll on law enforcement strength, according to the department.

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Surge in 911 calls, fewer officers pose big challenge, KC Police Department says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith says officers have done a good job during the pandemic, despite having fewer officers on the streets and a lot more 911 calls for help. Events of the last two years have impacted police staffing and the ability to provide emergency services to citizens, the outgoing chief said.

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