Kansas Blame Game Targets Kris Kobach For EPIC ACLU Payout

The GOP establishment in Kansas has never really embraced Kris Kobach.

Now they're looking to throw another political hot potato his way.

Here's the damage . . .

The Legislature's Joint Committee on Special Claims Against the State formally recommended settlement payments of $1.4 million to the ACLU and $475,000 to a second law firm, Dentons US LLP. The two cases were separate but consolidated during litigation.

It seems that plenty of people want to blame Kobach solely for this issue. Among them are Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt and current Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab. We admit Kobach is an easy target — and rightfully so — but others had a hand in this. Don’t forget that.

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Kris Kobach culpable for $1.9M in attorney fees over failed voting law, but others to blame as well

Good news: Kansas is projected to have a budget surplus of $2.9 billion. Bad news: Kansas is on the hook to pay nearly $2 million in attorney fees to the American Civil Liberties Union and another firm. This stems from a federal lawsuit over a failed voting law championed by former Secretary of State Kris Kobach.