Irresponsible Kansas City Star Compares COVID To Black Death

In today's stunning missive from The Kansas City Star, an author honored by the Pulitzer committee offered up a reckless analogy which tried & failed to draw a comparison betwixt the current COVID pandemic and the plauge which killed nearly 1/3rd of Europe's population between 1347 and 1351.

Even worse . . . She cited an obscure novel from the 1800s in order to drive her point.

And this begs the question . . . 


Our guess is that they're writing this kind of tripe simply for each other and to impress friends & family.

Before we get carried away, here's a passage from the lame attempt to shame the Missouri Republican super majority with pandemic politics . . .

When strong evidence of the Black Death was first reported to the governor, however, he not only ignored the Tribunal of Health but decreed that a citywide party celebrating the birth of the Spanish king’s first son should go on as planned.

Not unlike Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, who went ahead and hosted his annual fall festival last year, or South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who in the middle of the delta spike called the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in her state a fun and “fantastic event,” the governor of Milan prioritized the prince’s birthday party. He did so, Manzoni said, “without troubling himself with the danger which would result from so great a concourse of people at such a time.”

Now . . .

We all know so many old folks who subscribe to the Star out of habit but we can't venture to believe they're reading this kind of nonsense without raising an eyebrow. 

Forgive us for being uncultured but . . . 

Classic Italian literature and blame game screeds are a tough sell in Kansas City.

And so, at the close of the year . . .This absolute garbage from the Kansas City Star proves that a newspaper desperate for survival might be just as dangerous as worsening and very real public health threats which need to be handled by adults and not hacks who are desperate for attention.

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Can lessons from other moments of mass hysteria help us end the one we're in now?

If Edward R. Murrow himself came back from the dead, lit up a Camel and told those who don't care who they infect to mask up, he'd make no more of a dent than Tony Fauci does. | Opinion from Melinda Henneberger