Help Historic Kansas City Lose Every Debate With Developers

We're finally getting into the holiday season if only because it's fun to watch so many locals beg for money.

Accordingly, here's a glimpse at Historic Kansas City and their mission to stir up social media debate, spark a few news stories and that ALWAYS LOSE COUNCIL VOTING.

Seriously, we can't remember one instance wherein these history lovers came out on top. 

Nevertheless . . .

We admire their dedication and share a glimpse of the group asking for support . . .

While HKC trimmed our expenses as much as possible, we still need critical support to remain viable and whole. No in-person events were held during 2020 or 2021 due to COVID resulting in a combined estimated loss in revenue of $179,194. Not having face-to-face events and meetings slowed down our ability to continue to build our membership and solicit financial support. But HKC has not sat still. We actively secured two forgivable loans from the Paycheck Protection Program and increased our corporate sponsor support. Yet, our financial future remains uncertain.

We recognize that you are most likely lending a hand to many critical efforts. If your circumstances allow, we need your help to continue protecting the places and stories that matter to all of us. Your support of HKC will help secure our greatest assets: our dedicated staff.

You decide . . .