Developers Blame COVID For Killing Cursed Mission Gateway

We often give KCMO a hard time for a sketchy development track record and a legacy of crafting expensive deals that will NEVER benefit taxpayers. 

However, local denizens of the discourse only have to look west for yet another perfect example of a disaster in the making for more than a decade. 

To wit . . .


Fact is this project has been doomed from the outset yet our suburban neighbors keep throwing good money after bad toward an idea that's clearly cursed and doesn't seem to show much promise in a post-COVID world. 

Here's follow-up and continued Golden Ghetto reporting/optimism . . . 

Developer Tom Valenti with New York-based Cameron Group LLC, said this week that his attorneys sent the city of Mission a letter this week acknowledging that he will not meet that deadline, terminating the agreement.

But he also expressed hope that a new agreement can soon be put in place.

As he has in the past, Valenti said the pandemic got in the way of fulfilling the current development agreement’s requirement to finish the project by Dec. 31.

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SMP: Mission Gateway agreement will end Dec. 31, but developer says a new one is in the works

Developing . . . Or not.