Debunking Kansas City Royals Hype

It works every time.

A strong start by the home team elicits a wave of support and brings out bandwagon fans who believe a return the World Series is within grasp.

And then, inevitably, it all falls apart.

Accordingly . . .

We really enjoyed this post about how the home team wasn't able hold together a win streak. 

We link this tidbit if only to offer insight into why taxpayer investment into a downtown stadium would be an unmitigated disaster.

Check the money line . . .

June was worse—Kansas City went 7-20 and plummeted from third place and only six games behind Chicago when the month began to dead last and 14 behind the Sox when it ended. The club’s worst month of 2021 extinguished any hope of a turnaround season, a bitter pill for the Royals to swallow after a fast April start.

What happened?

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May was bad, but June finished the KC Royals for 2021

Welcome back to Kings of Kauffman's recaps of each month of the 2021 KC Royals season. Today we remember June. May began for the 2021 KC Royals like no May had since 2015. The Royals were in first place in the American League Central.