Local experts suggest that the "dark winter" Prez Joe Biden promised Americans is on its way.

In fact, unlike most keyboard warriors, these representatives of SCIENCE are p0wning their comments and have advanced degrees to back up their claims.

Agree or not, here's the word . . .

Virologist Gene Olinger of Kansas City's MRIGlobal says that slowing the spread of omicron is still a matter of social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding large groups of people, especially indoors.

"As temperatures decrease, people go inside and, of course, you can see the increased rates of transmission that are going on," Olinger notes.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, dean of the School of Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas City says the omicron strain is concerning "based on the fact that this particular variant has so many mutations of the spike protein that clearly are making it more contagious."

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Kansas City won't escape omicron, COVID-19's newest variant

How concerned you should be about the latest coronavirus variant depends on a number of factors, says virologist Gene Olinger of Kansas City's MRIGlobal. "If you are an immunocompromised individual or a person who's not vaccinated, you should be very concerned," he warns.

Kansas City Public Schools to continue enforcing mask mandate despite AG's warning

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Public Schools requires masks for all staff and students through the end of the year and said Tuesday afternoon it will continue to enforce the mandate.

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