Could COVID Omicron Destroy Kansas City Mayor Q's Career?!?

President Biden prepares to deliver an EPIC speech on Tuesday that will advise Americans on the worsening pandemic.

The remarks might be something along the lines of . . . 

"You're all going to die!!! Merry Christmas!!!"

What will inevitably follow is another round of lockdowns, vaxx crackdowns and mainstream media shame directed against anyone who doesn't comply with government orders. 

Don't get it twisted . . . TKC will do as told with my head down whilst offering nothing more than or less than harmless murmured grumbling along with even more resentments added to an already monumental list.

However . . . Undoubtedly, other Kansas City residents won't be as friendly, chipper, good-natured and cooperative as TKC.

Accordingly . . . 


Let's do a quick comparison . . .

Is Mayor Q as popular as former Mayor Sly???

Is Mayor Q as connected as former Mayor Cleaver???

Is Mayor Q as respected and unflinching as former Mayor Kay Barnes???

Fact is, most voters propbably answered NO across the board and it turns out that Mayor Q's unpopularity and even more negative sentiments directed his way in the event of renewed COVID lockdowns threaten to make him about as unpopular as former Mayor Mark Funkhouser.

Accordingly . . . 

Here's insider word . . . 

"At this rate everyone suspects that Mayor Q is going to take a D.C. appointment because he has far too many political adversaries in Kansas City." 

About his enemies list . . . 

"Think about how many people he has angered: The police, The Northland,  Northeast. Meanwhile, he's taking criticism from supporters who don't think he's doing enough." 

Conclusion . . . 

"Mayor Q is getting attacked from every direction and another round of COVID crackdowns might be the last straw. No mayor in KC history has faced a litany of recalls and outright mutiny from former supporters."

And so we ask . . .


Here's further reading on the trend . . .

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You decide . . .