City College Professor Fact Checks Missouri AG & COVID Mask Mandate Legal Fight

Credit to this kangaroo legal expert for taking on one of the top ranking politicos in the state.

Check his analysis of mean tweets and scary letters sent to school districts . . .

Allen Rostron, a constitutional law professor at the University of Missouri Kansas City, clarified what these letters actually are.

"These cease and desist letters are just the attorney general's opinion. They're not a legal decree that anyone is obligated to comply with. They're just someone's opinion about a legal issue. Anybody can send one. You don't have to be the attorney general," Rostron said.

Compliance with the letter might be based on wanting to avoid a lawsuit, whether you agree with the legal argument or not, Rostron said.

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Law professor breaks down Missouri AG Schmitt's fight against mask mandates

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Over the past week, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has sent a flurry of cease and desist letters across the state targeting mask mandates. The results have been immediate with many school districts and health departments opting to drop their health orders instead of facing a lawsuit.